Applying to the Graduate Program in Psychology

FIRST, we encourage students interested in graduate study in Psychology to familiarize themselves with the UCR Psychology Department. An extensive description of the Graduate Program can be found here, on our Graduate Studies page. Further information can be obtained from individual faculty members or from the Graduate Admissions Chair:

The Chair of Admissions
Department of Psychology
University of California
Riverside, California 92521

It is important to consider your interests in the field of psychology and the extent to which they are complemented by the interests of our faculty members. The UCR Psychology Graduate Program provides Doctoral-level research-oriented training and encourages a strong mentoring relationship between the student and a faculty member. Thus, it is important that the research being done here at UCR fit well with your interests. Please note that there is no clinical or counseling program at UCR, although many faculty conduct applied research.

SECOND, if you feel that your interests are reflected in the department's curriculum, we encourage you to complete the official UCR Graduate School Application. This is the application that serves as the "official" application to the Psychology Department's graduate program. Please note that applications for the Psychology Department should be submitted to us prior to December 1stfor admissions consideration to the following fall term. We only admit students for the fall quarter, and we do not have a terminal master's degree program. We cannot offer admission to a prospective graduate student until the application is complete and the required documents are received (including letters of recommendation, transcripts, test scores, etc). Students who are currently enrolled in a Master's program should have at least one letter of recommendation from a faculty member they have worked with in their Master's program.

Please begin the application process early enough to ensure that all parts of the application are received by December 1. When possible, we urge applicants to complete the process in advance of the deadline. It may be to your advantage to apply early. The Psychology Department requires the General GRE but not the Psychology GRE. Please note: UCR’s GRE Institution code is 4839.

If you have any questions about the program or application process, please contact the Graduate Admissions Chair or the Graduate Student Advisor at or 951-827-6306.