Research is facilitated by a number of resources and facilities provided by individual labs, the department, across campus, and within the community. These include:

Computing Resources


All of the computer packages typically used in psychological research are supported by UCR Computing and Communication and are available to psychology graduate students and faculty (e.g., SPSS, SAS, LISREL, Mathematica, and Matlab). The graduate statistics lab in psychology supports additional specialty software, such as Mplus.

In addition to quantitative course offerings, additional training and resources for a number of these software packages is available through the Graduate Quantitative Methods Center.

Computing Clusters

The UC Riverside Center for Advanced Neuroimaging (UCR CAN) is equipped with a state-of-the art computing facility consisting of a twelve-node linux mini-cluster, disk RAIDs with 128 TB total storage capacity, a full rack capable of supporting up to 16U calculation nodes, and an automated back-up system. Available software for data processing and analysis include Matlab, SPSS, SPM, FSL, AFNI, and freesurfer. VMware and Oracle VirtualBox are also available for special virtualization needs.

In addition UCR also has a number of computer clusters that are available for research purposes as a member of the University of California are also linked with clusters at our sister institutions including the San Diego Supercomputer Consortium.

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