Talks & Colloquia

In addition to the psychology department colloquia, we have weekly brown bag talks for each of the four research areas. Due to pandemic constraints, they are currently held over Zoom or in hybrid online/in-person format. To request Zoom access, please send an email to

SPRING 2022 Development Psychology Brown Bag Schedule
03/28 Check-In (UCR)
04/04 Dr. Chelsea Williams (Virginia Commonwealth University)
A developmental approach to ethnic-racial identity and ethnic-racial socialization
04/11 M. Dalal Safa (Harvard University)
Biculturalism as a developmental task
04/18 Dr. Annie Ditta (UCR)
04/25 Stephanie Curenton (Boston University)
Measuring Racial Equity in the Classroom
05/02 Professional Development
05/09 AnnaMaria Boullion (UCR)
SYP (second-year project)
05/16 Brenda Rincon (UCR)
SYP (second-year project)
05/23 Area meet – no brown bag meeting
05/30 Memorial Day

Genomics Auditorium (in person or hybrid)
Meeting ID: 955 6519 4959, Passcode: 295130

SPRING 2022 Neuroscience Seminar Series (NRSC 287) Schedule
03/29 Nicholas V. DiPatrizio, UC Riverside
“Pretty Gutsy: Endocannabinoids in the Periphery Tell Us to Eat”
Host: Khaleel Abdulrazak
04/05 Julie Simpson, UC Santa Barbara
Host: Ysabel Giraldo
04/12 David Chen, NYU
“Wiring up the brain during development: Coordination and propagation of cell fate choice in neural circuit assembly”
Host: Anupama Dahanukar
04/19 Martin Riccomagno, UC Riverside
Host: Khaleel Abdulrazak
04/26 Fen-Biao Gao, UMass Medical School (Virtual only)
Host: Sika Zheng
05/03 Evan Feinberg, UC San Francisco
Host: Michael Adams
05/10 Alvaro Sagasti, UC Los Angeles
“Intimate interactions in the skin: sensory axon contact redistributes polarized components in epithelial cells”
Host: Martin Riccomagno
05/17 TBA
05/24 NRSC Faculty Meeting
05/31 Valeria Cavalli, Washington University (Virtual only)
Host: Sika Zheng
Spring 2022 Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience Brownbag Schedule
03/30 No brown bag – Area faculty meeting
04/06 No brown bag – Area faculty + student meeting
04/13 Hunter Sturgill (SYP) (UCR)
04/20 Kamryn Mattingly and Serena Zadoorian
04/27 Lilian Azer and Kimia Yaghoubi
05/04 No brown bag – Area faculty meeting
05/11 Dr. Cory Inman (U Utah)
05/18 Morgan Gomez and Michael Gilbert
05/25 Michelle Bruni (UCR)
06/01 Area Social
SPRING 2022 Social/Personality Brown bag Schedule
03/31 Martin Hagger (UC Merced)
Ego-depletion and Self-Control: Definitions, Mechanisms, Replications…and Some Lessons Learned
04/07 Margaret Campbell  (UC Riverside School of Business)
Goal Pursuit through Means Switching: The Role of Regulatory Focus
04/14 Nina Radosic (UC Riverside)
The Impact of Conversation on Affect: A Comparison Between Two Formats
04/21 Ashley Miller (UC Riverside)
04/28 Janine Medina (UC Riverside)
Just Keep Flowing: A Meta-Analysis on the Relationship Between Flow and Well-Being
05/05 no brown bag – area meeting
05/12 Pavani Jonnalagadda (UC Riverside)
05/26 Ramona Martinez (UC Riverside)
The Self-regulation of Extraverted Behavior and Its Consequences for Social Connection and Well-being
06/01 Isabela Perez  (UC Riverside)

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