Talks & Colloquia

The Psychology Department hosts weekly brown bag talks for each of the main research areas. Unless noted otherwise, these talks are hosted in Goldman Library, room 3210 in the Psychology Building, according to the schedules listed below.

SPRING 2023 Development Psychology Brown Bag Schedule
4/10 Dr. Lucia Alcala, CSUF
4/17 Dr. Guadalupe Díaz Lara, CSUF
4/24 Tania Rodriguez / Tate LeBlanc, UCR
5/01 Area meeting (faculty only)
5/08 Ashley Martin / Matthew Kersting, UCR
5/15 Amanda Sadri / Leah Ferguson, UCR
5/22 LeNisha Williams / Danyang Ma, UCR
5/29 University holiday — no brown bag
6/05 Minghui Wang / Arash Mehrkesh, UCR

R-squared is formatted as an open forum, and all faculty, graduate students, and postdocs are invited to come to raise data-analytic or other methodological questions and/or issues relevant to psychology and related disciplines. No question is too simple! In fact, simple questions often turn out to have quite complex answers. If you would like to raise a question in R-squared, please reach out to Dan Ozer ( to be added to the schedule.

Genomics Auditorium (in-person or hybrid)
Meeting ID: 955 6519 4959, Passcode: 295130

SPRING 2023 Neuroscience Seminar Series (NRSC 287) Schedule
Tuesday, 4 PM
Edward Zagha, UC Riverside
Host: Khaleel Abdulrazak
Tuesday, 4 PM
Sika Zheng, UC Riverside
Host: Khaleel Abdulrazak
Tuesday, 4 PM
Hongdian Yang, UC Riverside
Host: Khaleel Abdulrazak
Tuesday, 4 PM
Lulu Chen, UC Irvine
Host: Garret Anderson / Viji Santhakumar
Tuesday, 4 PM
Tuesday, 4 PM
Cassandra Gipson, University of Kentucky
Host: Natalie Zlebnik
Tuesday, 4 PM
Jill K Leutgeb, UC San Diego
Host: Neuroscience Postdoc Group
Farah Lubin, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Host: Viji Santhakumar
SPRING 2023 Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience Brownbag Schedule
4/05 Area faculty meeting
4/12 Sam Jayakumar
4/19 Dr. Indira Turney (Columbia University)
4/26 Dr. Ru-Yuan Zhang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
5/03 Michelle Bruni & Li Yang (UC Riverside)
5/10 Area faculty meeting
5/17 Michael Gilbert (UC Riverside)
5/24 Serena Zadoorian (UC Riverside)
5/31 Maribeth McCook (UC Riverside)
6/07 Morgan Gomez (UC Riverside)
SPRING 2023 Social/Personality Brown bag Schedule
4/6 Chandler Spahr
4/13 Ashley Miller
4/20 Liz Wilson
4/27 Jason Hawes
5/4 Kayla Chaplin
5/11 Laura Ashlock
5/18 Merab Gomez
5/25 Julia Hopkins
6/1 Janine Medina
6/8 Ramona Martinez

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