FULL TITLE: Ph.D. Specialized Subfield of Study in Diversity and Inequality Psychology

ABBREVIATED TITLE: D & I Specialized Subfield of Study


In recognition of long-standing inequalities of race, class, gender, and other marginalized identities in all spheres of life, including the academy, the Department of Psychology has created a specialized subfield of study in the area of Diversity and Inequality Psychology. The D&I specialized subfield of study is well-suited to the interests of students pursuing empirical and translational science in psychology aimed at understanding, examining, and/or mitigating systemic, historical, and structural inequalities involving stereotyping, prejudice, stigma, discrimination, and/or disparities. In addition to pursuing a doctoral degree in one of the core areas of psychology, graduate students may qualify, under the direction of the Committee in Charge of the D&I specialized subfield of study, for the specialized subfield of study in Diversity and Inequality Psychology by completing the following requirements:

a) Submission of a letter of interest to the chair of the Committee in Charge of the D&I specialized subfield of study in which the student should explicate her/his/their interest in the D&I specialized subfield of study with regard to its relevance for the student’s course of graduate study and the student’s longer-term career plans. The letter of interest should consist of the student’s area of study, year in graduate program, and reason for wanting to pursue this area of expertise (maximum 300 words).

b)Successful completion of at least three quarters of PSYC 286E, “Pro-Seminar in Diversity and Inequality Psychology,” which can be completed over non-consecutive quarters. Three-hour seminar meetings will be held once a month throughout the academic year.  Meetings will consist of discussions focused on assigned readings reflecting variety perspectives on the study of diversity and inequality through the lens of psychology and related disciplines, as well as presentations by members of the minor program and guest speakers.

c) Completion of at least three courses of further study designed to advance the student’s expertise in understanding, examining, and addressing diversity & inequality. A non-exhaustive list of suggested courses is offered below. However, other courses may qualify with approval from the Committee in Charge of the D&I specialized subfield of study. No more than two of these courses may be used to satisfy the Department “Further Study” requirement.

Suggested courses of further study:

-PSYC 255: The Social Psychology of Racism

-PSYC 255: Stereotyping & Prejudice

List of further study courses outside of psychology: https://psychology.ucr.edu/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Further-Study-Courses.pdf

d) Successful completion of an oral qualifying examination based upon a project by the student in the area of diversity & inequality psychology. A three-person faculty qualifying committee, approved by the Chair of the Committee in Charge of the D&I specialized subfield of study, must grant prior approval of the paper topic and conduct the oral examination. The candidate and the committee will determine the format of the written paper and oral exam. A presentation based on the paper in PSYC 286E (the Pro-seminar in Diversity and Inequality Psychology) or in an area brown bag can satisfy the oral examination requirement.

e) Submission of a form for the D&I specialized subfield of study signifying completion of all requirements.