Center for Health Disparities: Community-based approaches are prioritized within the Center for Health Disparities, which is funded by a $16 million grant. The aim of the center involves evaluating and promoting the health and well-being of populations that are historically underserved. Faculty in the psychology department that have received grant awards from the center in 2019 include (please visit : to read the the abstracts of each project and fellow collaborators):

  • Carolyn Murray: “Fight or flight: Antiblack terror, fear, and mental health in the contemporary United States”
  • Rachel Wu : “Cognitive health disparities in minority/disadvantaged older adults”
  • Kalina Michalska,: “The effects of intergenerational transmission of cultural values on youth with disruptive behavior disorders”
  • Ilana Bennett: “Working group on underrepresented participant recruitment barriers”
  • Khaleel Razak : “The contribution of hearing loss to age-related cognitive decline in the Inland Empire”

Center for Ideas and Society Programs : The center offers a multitude of programs to promote the development of humanities and humanities-related research and also to help connect humanities scholars with the community.

Center for Social Innovation: There are three primary goals that drive the Center for Social Innovation: 1) to more deeply integrate researchers and community stakeholders in collaborative projects and long-term partnerships, 2) provide a credible research voice that spurs civic leadership and policy innovation, and 3) gear the activities in collaborative research , policy innovation, and narrative change to more fully realize the region’s potential in terms of its civic and nonprofit activities.

Bilingualism Matters: began as a public information service at the University of Edinburgh in 2008, in response to a lack of information about bilingualism in the community. In October, 2017, Bilingualism Matters at UCR launched a new branch to bring together researchers at UCR and elsewhere with the linguistically and culturally diverse community in Southern California.